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What values does one learn by understanding IT Service Management? What are the factors that lead to the success of the people involved in this field? The answers to these underlying questions are ‘values.’ So what are the values one learns by pursuing a career in the IT Service Management industry? Further discussions are largely based on those values which encompass all the basics and ethics of IT Service Management. We are going to understand the values in accordance with business, i.e., we are going to learn to overlook what business values does it hold. It is a really critical aspect of a method to achieve the success of business operations. The values we are going to discuss are analytical in nature and does not guarantee 100% scientific accuracy, but they have been helpful in providing and improving a person’s understanding in this field.


Successfully designing a product, implementing the plans required to make the final product, and finally making the product available to the customers comes under productivity. This is one of the most important factors that determine the quality and availability of products near the customers. But this process doesn’t stop here, after delivering the product, there might be complaints from the clients regarding the product. Then the service provider needs to reach the customer and effectively solve the problems. Customer feedbacks remains one of the most important factors to judge the quality of the products the creators are making. This opens up avenues for new developments and improvements to the product. Productivity requires huge investments in the first place, and they need to reduce the risk factors and expect a profit.

Service Desk

A good experience with the service desk of a company can give the desired satisfaction the customers are looking for. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important parameters to judge a company’s success, and it keeps customers glued to a company and helps in fostering relations and mutual trust between the client and the service provider. This also helps the service provider to understand the needs of the customer in a better way. A poor service desk can destroy and reduce the chances of a customer taking the service from the service provider. The feedback mechanism should be as transparent and fast as the clients require. This is the success formula of all the major companies around the world. A good company has its service desk very carefully recruited who are experts in communication as well as possess a basic knowledge about the service, and those service desks are very responsive and also have a physical presence over various locations.

On-boarding Processes

It usually takes some time for new employees to understand the ethics of the company and get acquainted with the needs of the customers. They also have to understand the expectations of their employer, mainly the CEOs, Project Heads, and Program Managers. The employer, too, should understand the complexities a new employee has to face and provide sufficient time for them to adjust and settle in their new environment. A good company always has an avenue for new employees to rise back from initial failure and gives sufficient time for them. Employees with trust in their new employees often have a good mutual understanding between them, which leads to less confusion and more efficient work, and this also minimizes the clash of ideologies.

Continual Service Improvement

It is widely regarded as the most important factor in service providing. If a company doesn’t have any parameter to judge Continual Service Improvement, then the whole essence of measuring business value is destroyed. The method to make the CSI process perfect encompasses Service Review, Process Evaluation, Definition of CSI Initiatives, and Monitoring the CSI Initiatives. These are four processes that are interlinked to each other.

These values undermine the very importance of business management and the ethics of providing service. The whole system revolves around the customers and employees. The products just help in keeping the cycle active. A company needs to keep a check on these values in order to measure parameters that would give them success.

Everyone involved in the system should understand the values alike. If either the company or customer faces any problem, then the roots can be traced back to these values due to whose imbalance the problems arise. A clear understanding of all these above-listed values will lead any organization to effectively and easier management of the service they provide.


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